2016 Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Recipients


Preschool Jazz
Wong Yui Gi - T. Art Dance Center (Hong Kong)

Primary Jazz One
Lily Panousis - Dance Pointe (Brisbane)

Primary Jazz Two
Tam Lok To - IDEA (Hong Kong)

Luana Kirchoff, Queenstown School of Dance (Queenstown)

Junior Jazz One
Lana O'Gorman - Silhouette Dance Studio (Perth)

Junior Jazz Two
Sophia Robinson - Ponsonby School of Dance (Auckland)

Junior Jazz Three
Sophia van der Meijden - Ponsonby School of Dance (Auckland)

Elementary Jazz One
Caitlin Gumley - All That Dance (Brisbane)

Jorja van Pelt - Silhouette Dance Studio (Perth)

Elementary Jazz Two
Sophia Purdon, Queenstown School of Dance (Queenstown)

Elementary Jazz Three
Ines Maxwell-Stewart - Ponsonby School of Dance (Auckland)

Intermediate Jazz One
Ava McKenzie - Victoria Phillips Academy (Auckland)

Intermediate Jazz Two
Kayla Wong - All That Dance (Brisbane)

Intermediate Jazz Three
Isobel Toman - The Dance Shed (Auckland)

Advanced Jazz One
Georgia Brokenshire - Ponsonby School fo Dance (Auckland)

Advanced Jazz Two
Maria Skorykh - Queenstown School of Dance (Auckland)

Solo Seal Jazz
Lauren Lamb - Ponsonby School of Dance (Auckland)

All scholarship recipients receive a tuition scholarship to their studio to be dispersed by the studio owner, and a certificate of achievement.

Congratulations to the students and studios listed.